Responsible Cruising

Cruising doesn’t have a reputation for being the “greenest” way to travel. When it comes to carbon emissions, these floating vacation vessels can be more detrimental to the environment than airplanes. Surfrider reports that a typical cruise ship with around 3,000 passengers generates one million gallons of gray water, 210,000 gallons of sewage, 100 gallons of hazardous or toxic waste and 50 tons of garbage and solid waste. Not to mention the diesel exhaust emissions that equal thousands of cars on the road.

So we wanted to address this problem head-on by getting behind a more sustainable approach. Our Green Cruises are small ship adventures that generally hold between 30 and 50 passengers and are carbon offset through a variety of global renewable energy initiatives. In addition to generating much less waste than conventional cruise liners, the waste that is produced is treated to rigorous industry standards to ensure its impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. We also believe that through small ship cruising, our impact on local communities is less intrusive or disruptive.